01- Where can I buy my Fonseca ®, La Alpujarra ® or Zagert® Luthier guitar?

We are a wholesaler and do not sell to the public.
To purchase our guitars, we suggest you visit the Where to Buy section on our website. There you will find the Authorized Store closest to you, where you will be advised by our representatives, you can see and try out our different models of classic guitars.

02- Which stores in my area have the instrument I am looking for in stock?

As the inventory of our distributors changes constantly, it is difficult for us to determine whether a particular item is in their store. On our website, you can check who the Authorized Stores are and contact them for more information about the model you are looking for. If you have any inquiry, please, contact consultas@guitarraszagert.com

03.- How do I know how much a particular model costs?

Since we are a wholesaler and do not sell our products directly to the public,please contact your closest Authorized Store for pricing and availability.

04- Do you have left-handed guitars?

Yes, all our models are available in both versions. Depending on your location, some models may be sent to an Authorized Store by special request.

05- Where's my guitar's serial number?

Your serial number will be located on the label, inside the box at the height of the sound hole.

06- What does the model code on my guitar represent?

The guitar model consists of an alphanumeric code. The number refers to the wood selected for guitar production, being incremental in terms of its quality. On the other hand, the letter refers to:
K= Cutaway
EC= Artec Equalizer
PSY= Fishman Presys Equalizer
SYS= Fishman Presys + Equalizer
FIX= Fishman Prefix Plus T Equalizer
INK= Fishman INK400 Equalizer
M=Satin Finish
OPN= Open Pore Finish
N= Black Top
Z= Left Handed

07- What is open pore finish?

The open pore finish lets you see the original texture of the wood. It has only layers of polyurethane, leaving the pores more visible.

08- What is the difference between satin and open pore finish?

The difference is that the satin finish has a polyester base that does not leave the pores of the wood in sight, while the open pore finish lets you see the wood’s original texture. It has only polyurethane layers, leaving the pores more visible. Both finishes allow for better sonority.
These use more sustainable materials. In Guitarras Zagert we use eco-friendly materials in our products and in the production process.

09- What strings are on my guitar? What string tension and tuning do you recommend?

You can find out what strings come with your guitar by visiting your model’s specific page on our website. Under the Full Specs category, you will find out the strings and their tensions. We recommend tuning 440 and If you do not use the guitar for a long time, loosen the tension of strings.
The wooden bridges of our guitars are built to withstand normal or hard tension strings. Finally, we do not recommend using extra hard tension, and we definitely do not recommend putting steel strings on a nylon string guitar. Doing so will void the original warranty.

10- Does my guitar have a tensioner?

Since 2019, all our guitars have a light, two way truss rod, which will make it easier to adjust the neck of the guitar if absolutely necessary. If so, we advise that this procedure be performed by a luthier.

11- Is there a specific recommendation to take my guitar on the road?

If you’re traveling by plane with your guitar, remember to always carry it in a hard case and loosen the tension of your pre-set strings.

12- Can I choose the equalizer on my guitar?

Yes, you can choose the equalizer to suit your needs, within the options mentioned in each model.

13- Which is and where can I find a manual for my guitar’s equalizers?

We recommend visiting your model’s specific page on our website to find out which is your equalizer. Following, are the links to each of the user manuals.

14- Can I replace my guitar equalizer?

Unfortunately, the equalizers are not interchangeable, as they vary in size and where they are placed. We suggest keeping the equalizer that comes with your guitar and not replacing it after your purchase.

15- Are equalizers original? Do they have a guarantee?

The equalizers we install on our guitars from the factory are original and are officially guaranteed by Fishman ® Inc. or Artec ® Inc., as applicable.

16- Do you sell equalizers for later replacement or addition?

As per an agreement with the manufacturer Fishman Inc., we do not sell retail equalizers. Only Artec equalizers can be purchased in Authorized Stores.

17- How should I take care of my guitar?

It is advisable to store the guitar in a hard case when not in use to protect it from dents, scratches, accidents and adverse weather conditions.
When playing the guitar, be careful with any buttons, buckles, or other items in your clothing that may damage the delicate luster of the guitar. Special care is also recommended when putting down the guitar with an equalizer, as the plug may damage the bottom of the guitar. We suggest using a guitar stand. Be very careful when changing the equalizer’s battery and make sure you don’t press down too hard. It is recommendable to remove the equalizer´s batteries while not in use.

18- Do the changes in weather affect my guitar?

It is important to avoid sudden and/or harsh changes in weather, such as sun or heat exposure. This can cause alterations in the wood such as cracks or twists. Avoid excessive moisture, as it causes loss of loudness or disglue of the different parts that make up the guitar. Avoid storing the instrument in closets or cabinets. Your guitar needs to be aired out periodically.

19- What is the optimal temperature and humidity level for my guitar?

We recommend that you keep your guitar within a temperature range of 60°F to 85°F, and a relative humidity of 40% to 60%.

20- How can I clean and keep my guitar?

For cleaning and maintenance you can use a good quality furniture luster or a product recommended by a luthier or the Music Store where you purchased it. Cleaning or abrasive products are not recommended.
For satin or open pore models you can use a barely damp cloth.

21- How long does my guitar’s warranty last?

All our guitars have an extended factory warranty of six months from the date of purchase.

22- What does the warranty cover?

Our guitars are guaranteed against possible manufacturing defects, such as disglued bridges, fret buzz, difficulties of the fingerboard, etc. duly checked with our specialized staff. In the case of the need for a claim, it must be made through the Authorized Store where the guitar was purchased. All Authorized Stores have trained personnel who will be able to assist you with any consultation.
The warranty does not cover:

  1. Any damage or failures due to accidents or improper handling of the guitar.
  2. Damages to the head of the guitar.
  3. Damages close to the equalizer.
  4. Cracks on the sides of the guitar.
  5. Damages near the button on the strap.
  6. Damage or failure as a result of using steel or extra high tension strings.
  7. If the guitar has been manipulated by personnel not authorized by Guitarras Zagert or of our Authorized Stores.
  8. Improper handling or manipulation of the tensioner.
  9. Normal wear of any part of the instrument, including frets, nut, tunning pegs (machine heads) , the strings, equalizer batteries, body of the guitar, jacks, controls, switches, finish, etc.
  10. Damage, failures or deformations, as a result of exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, direct sunlight, water, fire, sweat, chemicals or other corrosive materials, or any damage caused by the use of guitar straps, guitar stands/vinyl hangers, plastic, rubber or any other materials.
  11. Any guitar purchased from dealers or individuals not authorized by Guitarras Zagert to sell Guitarras Zagert products.
  12. Any guitar whose serial number is lost, altered, removed, or manipulated in any way.
  13. Any and all customizations or modifications of your guitar.
  14. All other damage and damage due to normal use, wear, aging, accidents, negligence or neglect.

This warranty applies only to the original retail purchaser when this guitar is purchased as new at an Authorized Store and is subject to the limitations set forth herein. To check the list of Authorized Stores, please visit our link: Authorized Stores.
Upon arrival at the Zagert Hnos. S.A. factory, it will be determined whether the defect is covered by the terms of the warranty. If the problem is covered, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the original purchaser. The decision to repair or replace is at the discretion of Zagert Hnos. S.A., depending on the stock of the product and the failure of the item under warranty.
If you need any other information, you can send us an email in the Contact Us section and we will respond as soon as possible.


If you need any other information, you can send us an email in the Contact section and we will answer your question as soon as possible.