Guitarras Zagert presents an innovative and at the same time classic instrument, this is the incorporation of the MIDI system in the classical guitar. Using a classical guitar with nylon strings as a platform, a mix between classic and modern is achieved.
The possibilities of our new MIDI Guitar are immense. From assigning on each string a different instrument thus creating a real symphony orchestra or converting the sound of our MIDI Guitar into that of any other instrument (whether it be a cello, a piano, the human voice, etc.) until a score is performed in real time after a previous configuration of a score editor. In addition, by having individual volumes, you can mix the classical guitar sound with the sound you assign through the MIDI system.
MIDI devices are ultimately no more than a language, a protocol, which uses previously encoded digital signals, by means of controllers, so that any MIDI instrument can communicate and understand with other machines: Computers, PC and MAC, synthesizers, sound modules, sheet music editing programs, etc.

The response of our MIDI Guitar is impressive, with no delay from each of the MIDI controllers. You can also electro-acoustically connect your MIDI Guitar to a guitar with pure, clean and crystal-clear sound, where you can perceive each note with ex, ceptional clarity.

The MIDI System is available in La Alpujarra concert guitars 85, 85k, 90 and 100.